Crock Pot Apple Pork Chops with Baked Red Potatoes

Crock Pot Apple Pork Chops

When Fall comes around each year many people get excited over Pumpkin everything, but I guess I’m just old fashioned and love the apples! We keep lots of apples in the house this time of year and I had a few that were starting to get a little too soft to really enjoy.  I decided […]

Fruit Flies

How to get rid of Fruit Flies

During the summer months we always get a few of those pesky fruit flies in the house!  We have tried the method of the saran wrap to trap them, but it never really worked.  My Grandma called one day and while we were chatting I asked her what the best way to get rid of […]

Fat Burning Chili -

Fat Burning Chili

Fat Burning Chili is loaded with spices and vegetables that even your husband will eat! I got this recipe from a trainer a few years back and he called it Fat Burning 5 Alarm Chili but it’s not spicy so I changed the name.  The spices in this chili are known to kick your metabolism […]

pork chops

Brown Sugar Pork Chops

These Brown Sugar Pork Chops have very little prep time and they taste absolutely amazing! We purchase the Pork Loin in bulk and then cut the loin into smaller cuts for meals. Here is a video that shows you a great way to cut the Pork Loin. We can usually pay around $1.79/lb. and really […]

Freezer Meals

Lasagna Roll Ups Freezer Meal

Lasagna Rolls Ups Freezer Meal is one that takes a little longer to prepare than others, but definitely worth the extra effort! When doing our freezer meals I have looked at the meals that we really enjoy as a family but just don’t feel like making them many week nights. We recently made this one […]


Taco Soup Freezer Meal

This Taco Soup Freezer Meal has quickly become a go to meal for our family! This one was very easy to prepare and tasted absolutely amazing! This one is perfect for our Freezer Meal Swap Group because it’s a blank canvas that each family can spice up how they wish. We added our homemade taco seasoning to ours, […]

How to Freeze Rice

When we first started the whole Freezer Meal process I had no idea that you could freeze rice! I started searching and came across a lot of different tips on How to Freeze Rice. I did also learn though that I really dislike the way many people make their rice and I’m very fond of […]


Freezer Meal – Chicken Salsa

One of our favorite Crock Pot Meals is our Chicken Salsa, so why not try a Freezer Meal Chicken Salsa! This was a very simple freezer meal to make because you literally just put everything into the bag. Nothing to cook, nothing to cool. This recipe is enough for two freezer meals for a family […]


Tip #5 for Shopping at Target: Pay Attention to the Packaging

Step by step, Coupon Wizards is going to walk you through how to save the most money when you’re shopping at Target! So far, we’ve covered  Staying off the Racetrack, Knowing the Denominations of Clearance, Understanding the Signs of Upcoming Markdowns and Knowing When to Pull the Trigger. Let the Packaging Lead You to Savings The next thing to consider […]


Tip #4 for Shopping at Target: Know When to Pull the Trigger!

One thing you need to keep in mind when shopping at Target is that once things are marked down on clearance, they won’t last forever!  If you read Tip #3 and have followed that plan, you should have a short list of the clearance items that you are watching.  When determining when is the right […]


Tip #3 for Shopping at Target – Know What’s Coming!

I know that it is impossible to predict the future, but Target makes it really easy.  The store transitions twice per year and they don’t miss the schedule from one year to the next by more than a couple of weeks.  For example, I have stated on webinars before that if you are looking to […]